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13 Apr 2021

Citramanik 1.1

Citramanik 1.1.0

Citramanik is a powerful tool to help your productivity with Inkscape. This tool will reads ID patterns (i.e icon-small, page-medium, page-big, etc) that you’ve set and then exports them to the file format that you need. Citramanik allows you to feel like you are working with artboards or multiple pages in Inkscape.

Today, we officially announce that Citramanik will begin to be publicly released! Several months ago, Devlovers ID opened a donation for a special donor launch, and as required the minimum donation amount for a public release has been reached. It should be noted, however, that you can still donate at any time to get involved and support the development of this project. The donation page can be seen at the link:

We will provide the best for Citramanik users. Therefore, we did some basic testing first before releasing Citramanik to the public. So, please be advised that the releases for each operating system will be carried out gradually one by one.

List of bug fixes found in Citramanik 1.1.0

  • Notification of update to the latest version if available
  • Custom path for ghostscript
  • Editorial improvements to the notification dialog
  • Better accessible error log
  • Bundling dependencies (Windows only)
  • and other improvements

Download Citramanik

You can download Citramanik via the download page: The installer for the version of each OS will be uploaded periodically, please always check to make sure.

Found A Bug?

Stability is a myth. So, if you find a bug or get a crash while using Citramanik, please report it via Github Issue: We’ll check it as soon as we can and provide regular updates.

Feel Helpful with this Project?

We’re happy to save you time and help get your task done efficiently. If you feel the same, besides donating, you can help the developer by making tutorials, reviews, or the like for other people to know about this project. It will make you, the Devlovers!

Finally, we are happy to say, “Enjoy Citramanik 1.1.0 and happy Ramadan fasting for all Muslims around the world!”.

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