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17 Aug 2021

Citramanik 1.3.0

Citramanik 1.3.0

Happy Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia! Independence gives freedom for everyone to be able to work and give the best for those around them. That’s what Devlovers ID tries to consistently do all the time.

Today, we are proud to present the latest update for Citramanik. To this day, Citramanik has helped many Inkscape users around the world. This is a positive spirit for developers to improve and improvise so that Citramanik is more useful.

Citramanik 1.3.0 Changelogs:

  • Natively support Inkscape from Flatpak
  • Add JPG progressive export option
  • Add PNG optimized export option
  • Reduce installer size (especially for Linux Distribution)
  • Export page without ID
  • Other improvements

Download & Install Citramanik

You can download Citramanik via the download page: The installer for the version of each OS will be uploaded periodically, please always check to make sure.

Good news for Debian/Ubuntu base user, now you can install Citramanik via Gimpscape repository. Follow instruction to use this PPA via this link:

For Arch based user, you can get latest Citramanik from AUR.

Found A Bug?

Stability is a myth. So, if you find a bug or get a crash while using Citramanik, please report it via Github Issue: We’ll check it as soon as we can and provide regular updates.

Feel Helpful with this Project?

We’re happy to save you time and help get your task done efficiently. If you feel the same, besides donating, you can help the developer by making tutorials, reviews, or the like for other people to know about this project. It will make you, the Devlovers!

Finally, we are happy to say, “Enjoy Citramanik 1.3.0 and Happy Independence Day for all Indonesian citizen!”.

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