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05 Jan 2020

Gradient Saver

Gradient Saver Logo

Gradient Saver

An extension that will help you to organize your gradient on Inkscape. By using Gradient Saver you have ability to save your favorite gradient and reuse it on your next project. Hope it will help much Inkscpae user out there.


This version only works on Inkscape 1.0 and later. Previous version of Inkscape (< 1.0) please use inkscape-0.9x branch


(Tested in Inkscape 1.0 - ArchLinux)

  • ArchLinux
    pacman -S python3-lxml python3-gobject python3-cairo
  • Debian/Ubuntu
    apt install python-lxml python-gi python-cairo python-gi-cairo for some case you should use python3-* instead python-*
  • openSUSE (tested in Tumbleweed)
    zypper in python2-lxml python2-gobject-Gdk python2-gobject-cairo python2-gobject python2-pycairo typelib-1_0-Gtk-3_0

Inkscape 1.0 is using python3 libs. So, please install python3 version of libraries listed above.

How to Install

Copy gradient_saver.inx and gradient_saver folder into Inkscape extensions folder,
usually in $HOME/.config/inkscape/extensions for linux.

Unable to find where is the extensions folder for your Inkscape installation?
you can check it from Edit > Preferences > System menu, then look at User extensions path in System Info section.

How to Use

  • Open Inkscape
  • Go to Extension > Gradient Saver menu
  • Follow the instructions on Hints


  • Saving Gradient
  • Load Gradient
  • Remove Gradient


This project fully supported by Gimpscape Indoensia (The Biggest Indonesia F/LOSS Design Community)

Disclaimer & Donation

This is early development extension. We don’t guarantee anything about this extension so please use at your own risk. If you feel helped by this extension, of course you can give us a cup of coffee :")

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