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04 Mar 2020


Inkscape Multicalendar

This project is extended version of svgcalendar from Aurelio A. Heckert (2008). Upstream version already included in inkscape release as main extension (see changelog).

The aim of this fork is to add new features, such as Hijri Calendar, Local Calendar (Javanese), update UI and more. Hijri calendar is based on Kuwaiti Algorithm.


  • inkscape 1.0
  • python >= 3.6

How to Install

just copy the multicalendar_libs, multicalendar.inx, and into inkscape user extensions folder (usually located in $HOME/.config/inkscape/extensions)

Cannot find your inkscape user’s extensions folder?, check Edit > Preferences > System > User Extensions

This extension also available in Gipmpscape PPA, to activate Gimpscape PPA please follow steps below:

curl -s --compressed "" | sudo apt-key add -

sudo curl -s --compressed -o /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gimpscape-ppa.list ""

sudo apt update && sudo apt install multicalendar

How to Use

Open this menu: Extensions > Render > Multicalendar


  • Hijri Calendar …


See Changelog


You can donate to support this project by visiting

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