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05 Jan 2021

PDF Extractor

PDF Extractor

Simple script to help extracting PDF file and/or convert them to SVG. This script created in order to help them who need import multiple pdf page easily in to inkscape.


  • pdftk
  • inkscape
  • ghostscript

For Ubuntu 18.04 user or older, maybe you can’t find install dependency via apt. You can install it via snap or add ppa:malteworld/ppa. Second option is best choice for WSL user.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:malteworld/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install pdftk


Make sure git installed on your system before running command bellow.

git clone ~/.config/pdf-extractor
cd ~/.config/pdf-extractor
sudo chmod +x pdf-extractor
sudo ln -s ~/.config/pdf-extractor /usr/local/bin/pdf-extractor


basic usage: pdf-extractor file-name.pdf

Example step:

  1. Open your terminal
  2. Go to directory where multiple page pdf saved. For example, if your pdf document saved in my-document folder in home, you can type cd ~/my-document.
  3. pdf-extractor file-name.pdf
  4. Now, you can choose one of actions that provided.

Type: pdf-extractor --help for more information

Known Problem

Some of distribution can’t use/get pdftk from PPA, so here is an option if you get a problem with installing pdftk.

  1. sudo apt install default-jre-headless libcommons-lang3-java libbcprov-java
  2. download the deb file of pdftk-java from
  3. download the deb file of pdftk from

Thanks for @alezzacreative who giving information about this.


This script basicly only structured command that arranged to made it easy to use for specific purpose. PDF Extractor come with no warranty, so use with your own risk.

Rania Amina

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